Push Button Cookery with Vincent Price

In the 1970’s actor, art collector and connoisseur Vincent Price recorded a series of 12 cassette tapes called, “The Beverly Hills Cookbook,” later titled, “Push Button Cookery,” to capitalize on the growing popularity of portable audio players. I acquired a set of these tapes while yard sale rummaging one Saturday morning and was immediately taken by Price’s familiar voice and wonderfully charming character. It was after playing these deliciously narrative recipes that I realized how much I really missed his presence. He was a gentleman who has never been matched in graciousness, taste and a lover of everything life had to offer - characteristics that are sorely missing today. The recipes aren’t bad, either. I digitized the tapes and am making them available here for your enjoyment. Listen to them all, and try out a few recipes in the same spirit as they are presented. I hope you savor them as much as I have.

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  1. This type of portable audio player certainly are the best way to share knowledge. I have just downloaded few of the cuisine in my pc and am looking forward to implement the same in my kitchen. All of you are invited...

  2. Hi Mike - thanks a million for loading these up. I am a big fan of Vincent's cooking and cooked one of his recipes a week during the Vincentennial year and wrote about it at the Vincentennial Cookblog. Happy Holidays - Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers xx