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Name: Joe R.

Subject: Emigdio Vasquez Oil Painting. 

Message: Your post seems to come up quite a bit when I try to research Emigdio Vasquez. I just acquired one of his works from November of 1973. I am trying to insure the piece but am having a hard time coming up with a value. Appraisal is $8,000.00 but im looking for an actual value. It might really be worth that, but i\'m not sure. May I ask what you paid for yours, and what Rosemary gave your for it?? I understand if you don\'t want to reply with the figures as its really none of my business, but I know or (at least I hope) it worth more than the $865.00 I paid for it. Hopefully I lucked out on it, and its a 40x22 oil on canvas. Since his work is mostly in private hands and in his collection and most of is hardly up for sale. Its hard to put an actually cash value on it. I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Joe R. Aliso Viejo, CA


The Emigdio Vasquez painting I purchased (Early Morning at OVC) measured 20" x 30" and cost me $4500 in 1995. I purchased it from Rita Chemer at her gallery but she had retired several years ago and is now run by her daughter. The only contact I have is found on their website located here.

An appraisal of $8000 for a older work that is 22" x 40" is not far off. You got a great deal for $865, but Emigdio's daughter, Rosemary, does not have a lot of resources and would offer you only a fraction of that to sell it to her. She is currently buying as many of her father's early paintings for preservation which is why I sold her mine for much less than I paid for it. As I mentioned in my review, I am happy that it is in her possession and not in someone's garage collecting dust.

As for its real value, I'd shoot an email to info@chemersgallery.com and say that I referred you to them and ask if Rita would be so kind as to estimate the value of an original Emigdio Vasquez painting measuring 22" x 40" and if there is a market for it. She's always had a good eye for local artists and knows the market very well.

Best regards,

Mike Vines

I have 2 sipos paintings sized 9"x12". The frames have a number marked f1020 and f 1021. The back of the paintings are marked cp8018 and cp8013. One is a desert stream with a snowy peak and the other is what looks like a laguna beach seascape. They appear to be originals.  I would love to know the names of these two paintings. Any suggestions? Thanks.  Doug


These two paintings are unmistakably Sipos works but neither appear in his catalog of c.1989. I would guess they are earlier works than mine since they appear toned down, composition wise, compared to his later works. The mountain that appears in the background of the bottom work looks suspiciously like Mount Shasta to me, and the seascape could be anywhere from the California coastline to Hawaii. Sipos does rock textures very well and he really knows how to play light in a scene. Both are beautiful paintings.

I did find some interesting leads for you to continue your research. Don't bother with his blog--the information is outdated and his email form generates a server error. Art Sellers.com feature a couple of his paintings for sale so you can get an idea of what they might be worth, but Yessy Art Gallery has the most up-to-date information on Raymond Sipos that I could find online. They have a good listing of his available paintings for sale, an extended biography and a contact page that works. I'd start there. In addition, I chanced a phone call to the 1-818-700-8431 telephone number of Limited Editions (Canoga Park, CA), Sipos' dealer when I purchased his paintings in 1989, and to my astonishment they answered the phone (after hours recording)! Limited Editions are/were also the publishers of his catalog.

Good luck, and please let us know what you find.